Extra Credit #2: “The Lies We Tell Our Children”

Read this article from HuffPo here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jade-lloyd/the-lies-we-tell-our-chil_b_12812178.html

Afterwards, evaluate the argument. Do you think it’s a successful argument? How does she craft the narrative? Does she convince, or does she make claims which she fails to address/prove? How is the writing style itself? Informal, formal, academic, engaging, etc…? What would you suggest in regards for improving it?

200-300 words.


Extra Credit Opportunity – “Diving Into the Faery Handbag: On Fabulism”

0-0fnsv8osb2r9x1hfDUE SUNDAY (MARCH 5TH) BY MIDNIGHT

  1. Read this article, here: https://electricliterature.com/diving-into-the-faery-handbag-on-fabulism-4b21505e2b9b#.ak8wewk6u
  2. Then trace how the author makes her argument (her use of sources, quotations, the structure of the essay, the language, etc.) in around 200-300 words. Post this response as a comment.
  3. After writing your own response, choose another classmate’s post to comment on. Evaluate this–tell us what you think they did well, could do better, whether you agree/disagree… that sort of stuff.

*** Come to class with an example of an argument that you admire. This can take the form of a video (speeches, advertisements…) or an actual article from the internet. Be prepared to present and discuss your choice in class. 

Sunday Writing Assignment – Black Mirror’s “Nosedive”

Read this: https://www.theatlantic.com/entertainment/archive/2016/10/black-mirror-nosedive-review-season-three-netflix/504668/

Afterwards, write your own review of this episode. Make a compelling argument for why or why not the reader should watch/like it. It’s up to you which you choose to do: persuade or dissuade. Around 200 words or so. Post as a comment to THIS post.

Paper Outline Examples – for Friday(2.17)

Here are a couple of examples of paper outlines. While they all vary in structure, the basic skeleton of building an outline is present in all of them.

Here’s an example of an MLA paper broken down by its formatting. It’s a useful tool to refer back to as a way of double-checking yourself.


First blog response/writing assignment: 1.20.17 HW

Hooray! It’s your very first writing assignment. Congrats on getting through week two of school.

Read the article: “Why We Love Weird Fairy Tales” (http://lithub.com/why-we-love-weird-fairy-tales/#)

Afterwards, look back on the list of characteristics that are found in arguments (pp. 120-21 in your textbook – scanned copies of this are up on Moodle FYI), and point out a few that you think are represented in the article. You may also discuss any or some that you think are absent in the article. This will require a few brief examples from the article. Your posts should be 3-4 sentences in length.