Sunday Writing Assignment – Black Mirror’s “Nosedive”

Read this:

Afterwards, write your own review of this episode. Make a compelling argument for why or why not the reader should watch/like it. It’s up to you which you choose to do: persuade or dissuade. Around 200 words or so. Post as a comment to THIS post.


10 thoughts on “Sunday Writing Assignment – Black Mirror’s “Nosedive”

  1. I do not think that teenagers our age should watch this episode of Black Mirror. In this episode of Black Mirror, it basically shows that when people don’t like you, you can see that and when people do like you, you can also see it. This is very harmful for girls and boys especially if they are insecure. In todays society if someone doesn’t like you, they can be very fake to you and you might not even know that they dislike you. But in this episode you see when someone dislikes you which is very hurtful to many people. Many of these people are being very fake just to get their scores up and aren’t being true to themselves. There whole entire lives are being focused on their “scores”, you shouldn’t be living your life trying to impress people on a day to day basis. You should live your life making yourself happy and not others. I do not think anyone with insecurities should watch this because it might make them start to think that that is how you should live your life. I enjoyed watching Black Mirror but I do not think I would ever pick that out for myself to watch.

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  2. Initially, I was confused about the Black Mirror episode. I wasn’t sure where it was going. But as the episode progressed I became intrigued. The main character, Lacie, seemed to be an innocent woman who genuinely cared about being nice to everyone she came in contact with. It was only natural that she became concerned with her rating. Who wouldn’t feel good about being rated 5 stars by a friend or even a stranger? Unfortunately, Lacie found her rating steadily declining, when she was trying her hardest to raise it. It seemed like no matter how hard she tried, she just couldn’t catch a break. The entire episode I found myself watching somewhat in awe at the level of technology in Lacie’s world. Being able to come in contact with someone and immediately know his or her name & ranking was very interesting to me. If we lived in a world where we were judged off of a point system, I wonder how differently everyone would act. Meeting people who were genuinely nice would be a seldom occurrence, as the majority of people would simply be putting on a facade for 5-star ratings. Overall, the episode was definitely interesting. I plan on continuing the series.

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  3. When I first started watching the episode I thought it was really weird and hard to grasp. But as the episode went on I could see how this could potential be our society the way technology is advancing. Lacie, the main character, was so sweet and just wanted to get a good rating. She became absorbed with the virtue world and couldn’t let it go. She was living her life for other people and a social rating. What I found most interesting is that they could walk around and see people’s rating and how they would treat people differently if their score was higher or lower. I would never want to live in a world like that because I want people to act like their genuine selfs. So many people were not being true to themselves and as a viewer I could tell they were not truly happy. I would give the episode a 5 star rating because it was so eye opening to see what our future could be. I do no think I will be continuing to watch the series.

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  4. This episode of Black Mirror displays a dystopian world where your success and happiness in life is determined by your “5 star rank”. The main character, Lacie, goes through life trying to be as nice to people as possible just so she can boost her ranking, and fit in with the top people in society. Most of the people in her world are consumed by this need to be liked and rated highly by people, that they become fake and forget who they truly are. The whole episode Lacie is trying to boost her ranking so that she can afford to live in the new up and coming apartment complex. Her journey ends up lowering her score significantly and landing her in jail, instead of raising it and giving her her dream lifestyle. I thought the episode was very interesting because it made you realize how overwhelming technology can actually be. It made me wonder if our real world could ever end up like that, given the fact that technology has been advancing so quickly. I would recommend this show to people who enjoy books or shows based in dystopian worlds, however I don’t think I will continue watching the series.

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  5. Overall, I think the episode of Black Mirror that we watched was definitely an eye opener. It shows certain qualities that this generation can relate to such as the technological innovations and the continuous investment in social media. Yet, our society has not to come to the point where you rate each other based on interaction and confrontation. Just from seeing that one episode, I believe that it is something that people our age should consider watching. For the younger generation especially, it shows what our future society could potentially look and behave like, assuming that technology will only improve from here on out. Currently, many of us are judged on social media and want others to like what we like, so this episode has a way of correlating those aspects with what our generation deals with every day. Although it is without a doubt a show that takes a certain type of interest but even if you just tune in on this particular episode “Nosedive”, I really do believe that you would be shocked as to see how close some of the aspects are to how our society behaves today. It is not a show to make you feel insecure or frowned upon, but to open you up to what could be and to realize that being honest and yourself is the best way to earn a sincere relationship.

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  6. This episode of Black Mirror was all about how high of a rank you were in life. As you went through each day and every person that you encountered had to give you a rank from 1-5 too rate how you were towards them. At first i thought this episode wasn’t that interesting but as it went on i tended to get hooked into finishing it. As the episode went on, the only thing Lacie cared about was how high she was ranked and not on the little things is life. It showed how people judge you in everything you do in life but took it to the extreme. Who wouldn’t want to be ranked 5 stars in their life? I can see how some people could take this the wrong way and get too caught up into it. It makes you think about technology today compared to what it could be in the future and that i think is pretty interesting. I would recommend this TV series because i think it is pretty fascinating how advanced technology might be in the future.

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  7. I personally had mixed feelings about the Black Mirror episode, “Nosedive.” The show was fascinating to watch because I was able to relate the use of technology, to how we use it today. In the episode, people rate others who they come in contact with 1-5 stars. They have a star average that allows them to do certain things if they are rated high enough. I personally enjoyed this show and would recommend this show to others. It can almost be related to the social media app Instagram or even Facebook, because people are always striving to get as many likes a possible and in the show people want to be rated 5 stars. You could also look at the show as something that is not positive, because people act very fake towards others just to have a high score. If this was a real thing today, then the world would be very different. Since you rate others right after your interaction with them, you would know if someone liked you or disliked you right off of the bat. The idea of the use of technology in the show, is entertaining and fun to think about, but it is not realistic and it would not be a good thing in today’s society. The show “Nosedive” is very interesting and I do not think that it is a waste of time to sit down and watch it!

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  8. I really did not know what to expect when we started watching that episode. I heard that each episode is pretty different from each other so it is hard to judge an entire show based on just one episode. If I had to write a review on this episode I would say I did not enjoy it all to much. I was watching it hoping for a happy ending. The main characters situation progressively got worse as the episode went on and never improved one time. I felt like the main characters luck would turn for the better and things just got as bad as things could have gotten. I am not a fan of fake people as well and this show had nothing but people putting on fake faces to try and be liked and seen as higher in society. I guess it teaches you a lesson about appretiating the little things and not what people think about you and how to just be yourself, but the main character did not even learn those lessons and just ended up being miserable and in jail with nothing and that is were the movie ended. The show would have been way better if these lessons were more clearly presented throughout the movie but it definately failed to bring any points across. I can see some people liking it but I was not one of those people.


  9. After watching the Black Mirror’s “Nosedive”, I personally did not like the show, but it definitely is an eye opener for today’s society. In today’s society, everyone has a social media especially the younger generation. I did not like the show because I think it is a little over the top to think that a whole society runs on how you are ranked on social media. If today’s society ever comes to this situation, everyone involved will need a real reality check because is very harmful for everyone involved. Although there are times where you are ranked upwards, the times where you are ranked down are harmful especially if you are insecure about yourself. Although I did not like the episode, I definitely think that this is something that our generation growing up should watch. By watching this episode it gives everyone a reality check about what the world could come to with the trend of how often social media is used.


  10. Black Mirror’s ‘Nosedive’ Episode is an eye opener to millennials like myself. It is an eye opener because the episode delves into what our world could be like if we stay wrapped up in social media. The episode was nothing short of dramatic but it keeps your attention throughout the 45 minutes. ‘Nosedive’ is about a woman named Lacie who lives in a society where not only is there social media for posts but also social media for people. Just as you would like a post, in Lacie’s world you could like a person. But unlike social media you can also dislike a person. Each person is rated out of five stars and the closer you get to five stars the more respect and privilege an individual receives. The episode is about Lacie’s journey to get a higher rating so she can get a discount on her new home. Luckily one of her high school friends is having a wedding and needs a maid of honor. If Lacie speaks at the her friend’s wedding she’ll get a lot of likes that will bump her rating to get a discount on her rent…but when is life ever that easy? I would recommend this episode to anyone under the age of 30 so that they can see first hand that there are consequences to our social media habits.


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