Final extra credit blog

Final extra credit is for you to write a review (as if you were writing one for an actual blog or magazine) of this class, in general. Please be honest! I welcome both good and bad critiques, but try to style your review like professional ones that you may have read in the past. Think of it as a mini summary and argument–and remember: have fun, be creative with your wording.

200-300 words in length

Evaluate both good and bad aspects; feel free to make suggestions, too! This only helps me better my own teaching skills 🙂


Extra Credit Article – Due Wednesday at Midnight

Read this:

Summarize the author’s argument, as if this is one of your own research paper sources, using both direct quotations and paraphrasing. 200-300 words.

Extra Credit #2: “The Lies We Tell Our Children”

Read this article from HuffPo here:

Afterwards, evaluate the argument. Do you think it’s a successful argument? How does she craft the narrative? Does she convince, or does she make claims which she fails to address/prove? How is the writing style itself? Informal, formal, academic, engaging, etc…? What would you suggest in regards for improving it?

200-300 words.