1. In-text citations: here
  2. Works Cited: here
  3. Citing Electronic Sources: here
  4. Verb Tenses: here
  5. Overview of Argument papers: here and here and here

Dystopian dreams: how feminist science fiction predicted the future

This is your first optional, extra-credit writing assignment.

Read the article (link below), and identify and expand on one rhetorical tool she uses in crafting the article/argument. Look to your book for a list of argumentative tools if you’ve forgotten them.

300-400 words; due midnight on Sunday.


Analyzing the Inclusion of Source Material

Take a minute to read this article, here.

Afterwards, in a couple of sentences (200-300 words), analyze the author’s writing technique. Pay close attention to her inclusion of source material–does it flow seamlessly? Are her paraphrases working? What about the balance between quotations and summary? I want you to study the way in which this piece is crafted, in essence, and call attention to what is working within the text.

Extra Credit Opportunity – “Diving Into the Faery Handbag: On Fabulism”

0-0fnsv8osb2r9x1hfDUE SUNDAY (MARCH 5TH) BY MIDNIGHT

  1. Read this article, here: https://electricliterature.com/diving-into-the-faery-handbag-on-fabulism-4b21505e2b9b#.ak8wewk6u
  2. Then trace how the author makes her argument (her use of sources, quotations, the structure of the essay, the language, etc.) in around 200-300 words. Post this response as a comment.
  3. After writing your own response, choose another classmate’s post to comment on. Evaluate this–tell us what you think they did well, could do better, whether you agree/disagree… that sort of stuff.

*** Come to class with an example of an argument that you admire. This can take the form of a video (speeches, advertisements…) or an actual article from the internet. Be prepared to present and discuss your choice in class.