Final extra credit blog

Final extra credit is for you to write a review (as if you were writing one for an actual blog or magazine) of this class, in general. Please be honest! I welcome both good and bad critiques, but try to style your review like professional ones that you may have read in the past. Think of it as a mini summary and argument–and remember: have fun, be creative with your wording.

200-300 words in length

Evaluate both good and bad aspects; feel free to make suggestions, too! This only helps me better my own teaching skills 🙂


Extra Credit Article – Due Wednesday at Midnight

Read this:

Summarize the author’s argument, as if this is one of your own research paper sources, using both direct quotations and paraphrasing. 200-300 words.

Extra Credit #2: “The Lies We Tell Our Children”

Read this article from HuffPo here:

Afterwards, evaluate the argument. Do you think it’s a successful argument? How does she craft the narrative? Does she convince, or does she make claims which she fails to address/prove? How is the writing style itself? Informal, formal, academic, engaging, etc…? What would you suggest in regards for improving it?

200-300 words.

Dystopian dreams: how feminist science fiction predicted the future

This is your first optional, extra-credit writing assignment.

Read the article (link below), and identify and expand on one rhetorical tool she uses in crafting the article/argument. Look to your book for a list of argumentative tools if you’ve forgotten them.

300-400 words; due midnight on Sunday.

Analyzing the Inclusion of Source Material

Take a minute to read this article, here.

Afterwards, in a couple of sentences (200-300 words), analyze the author’s writing technique. Pay close attention to her inclusion of source material–does it flow seamlessly? Are her paraphrases working? What about the balance between quotations and summary? I want you to study the way in which this piece is crafted, in essence, and call attention to what is working within the text.

Sunday Writing Assignment – Black Mirror’s “Nosedive”

Read this:

Afterwards, write your own review of this episode. Make a compelling argument for why or why not the reader should watch/like it. It’s up to you which you choose to do: persuade or dissuade. Around 200 words or so. Post as a comment to THIS post.