Final extra credit blog

Final extra credit is for you to write a review (as if you were writing one for an actual blog or magazine) of this class, in general. Please be honest! I welcome both good and bad critiques, but try to style your review like professional ones that you may have read in the past. Think of it as a mini summary and argument–and remember: have fun, be creative with your wording.

200-300 words in length

Evaluate both good and bad aspects; feel free to make suggestions, too! This only helps me better my own teaching skills 🙂


8 thoughts on “Final extra credit blog

  1. One word that Miss Sellers lets the class have with their writing would be, freedom. It was very nice to have the ability to freely write on things instead of being given a topic and having to write the exact amount of words that the paper required. It did take a lot of stress off of the writing aspect and not only made topics more enjoyable, it also made it seem to calm some of the stress I normally get when writing papers. One negative aspect would not always knowing what my grades were. But to give Miss Sellers some credit she is also a student and I have a personality where I always like to know what my grades are. Maybe not knowing all the time is actually a better thing for this class or at least maybe it is for me and I just did not realize it until now. To put this class best look at what Miss Sellers put in the last sentence of this Extra Credit Blog. She said to remember and “…have fun, be creative with your wording. Overall good class and I cannot wait for the food that we will be eating for our last class.


  2. I really enjoyed Ms.Sellers English 2000 class. The class was refreshing and gave us so much space to write about we were actually interesting. I’m not gonna lie.. they would sometimes be annoying to write but they would not be as bad. I also that it was pretty cool that Ms. Sellers was a student and she could relate to us on that level. I enjoyed watching Black Mirror that day in class because it really tied in with the class lesson that day. If I had to give some feedback I would say that for the Homework activities give a more diverse range of the articles that we would analyze. They are were sci-fi and I would have appreciated more topics. Another thing that kinda bothered me were not knowing what my grades are more often, as a student it leaves me in a grey space and I can’t analyze what I should be doing. Overall, I enjoyed this class and would recommend other students to take Ms. Sellers. Goodluck on your graduate degree Ms. Sellers!!


  3. I would highly recommend taking Ms. Sellers English 200 class. The class was very calm and was a perfect atmosphere. One thing that i liked best was that she gave us freedom and we could choose any topic of choice for any paper. It made the writing assignments easy because i was actually interested in the topics i chose. She also keeps you interested while teaching by showing clips of films that relate to you in every day life. The thing that helped me the most was that she would cancel classes to be able to set up a time slot to meet one-on-one with each individual student to ask any question about your paper. That helped a lot and really showed me how to critique my paper the way it needed to. I really enjoyed the videos because it was a good visual image of how we actually use these topics in the real world around us. Overall I recommend this English class to anyone because it helped me become a strong writer and was interesting in doing so. Thank you for being a damn good teacher!


  4. Miss Seller’s English 2000 class was very enjoyable and I would recommend others to take it as well. The classroom environment was always laid back which helped me feel more comfortable to engage in discussions. I liked how much freedom we had on all of our writing assignments because it allowed me to write about something that I actually cared about. I enjoyed when we did different things besides just taking notes during class, like watching the show Black Mirror and being able to work in groups to peer edit our projects. It was nice having conference meetings before turning in our papers because Miss Sellers always gave good feedback and it helped me improve my writing. Another great thing about this class was all of the extra credit opportunities given to us. It was very relieving to know that even if I didn’t do as well as I wanted to on a paper that my grade would not suffer too much. The only criticism I can think of for this class is that I would have liked being updated on my grades more than just twice throughout the semester just so I knew where I stood better. Other than that I really enjoyed this class and would highly recommend taking Miss Sellers for English 2000 over any other teacher.


  5. Coming into English 2000 I was kind of worried because of my experience with English 1001. My expectations were shattered for the better. English was the only class I did not dread going to despite it being the earliest class and my only Friday class. I enjoyed the in class group work a good deal. I feel like my writing has improved and i enjoyed the blog as well. the only thing i really did not like to much was how our grades haven’t been one moodle at all. This was also a problem with my 1001 english class.


  6. I’m not sure how I ended up in Mary Seller’s English 2000 class but everything happens for a reason right? I could’ve sworn I signed up for a Sport Administration English class and on the first day when she kept saying fairytale, I was one word: shook. But I endured the unknown and had a truly great semester in her class. She never hindered our creativity for the love of fairytales and forced me to grow as a writer. Sellers kept each project uniquely different so we weren’t just writing paper after paper after paper. Not to mention we watched the best episode of Black Mirror in there!! I loved the option of conferences and having guaranteed one on one time to talk about my papers. I felt like she made it her mission to teach to every learning type which made for an exciting class. My one complaint is that she didn’t use Moodle, she never kept our grades from it but you can’t beat the projected final grade option at 3 am in the morning when you’re reevaluating your life. All in all I would recommend this class to a friend.


  7. On the first day of classes I was surprised to learn that I had mistakenly signed up for the wrong section of English 2000. Instead of being in the section that focused on Sports in Society, I was actually in one pertaining to Fairytales. How did that happen? One thing that I liked about English 2000 is the flexibility that Miss Sellers gave us as students. Instead of giving us specific things to write about for each paper, she gave us general topics and let us decide on a more narrow topic ourselves. In the past, I found it difficult to find the motivation to write about topics that I was completely uninterested in. When I can actually explore a topic that I find intriguing, my writing tends to be significantly better. Although Miss Sellers was somewhat of a tough grader, I really do not have any complaints about her teaching style. In my opinion, her detailed grading and in-depth critiques were both helpful and insightful. The only negative thing about this class is the number of times that class was cancelled without prior notification (not even an issue, lol). I enjoyed English 2000 and I have been fairly successful in the course.


  8. I would highly recommend taking Miss Seller’s English class regardless of the level. Honestly, Miss Sellers was one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. Not only was she a fun teacher to be around, but she helped me improve my writing skills exponentially. She did a good job keeping the class engaged whether it was through an occasional video or the group work during class. I really appreciated the freedom Miss Sellers gave us when it came to choosing out topics to write about. I had friends in other English 2000 classes and they had no choice when it came to the topic of their papers. All in all I enjoyed Miss Seller’s class, but more importantly I enjoyed having Miss Sellers as a teacher more.


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